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Designed for both the casual flier and die-hard simulation geek to enjoy!

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AirTran Virtual Airways was founded on the principle of being the perfect airline for all virtual pilots. We strive to satisfy the needs of not only the hardcore flight simmer, but also the casual flier who just wants to log hours and be part of a larger community.

After AirTran Airways was acquired by Southwest Airlines Co., we have also set ourselves on a mission of preserving the airline in the virtual skies. Featuring a database of nearly every single real-world AirTran Airways flight at your disposal, AirTran aficionados will find joy in reviving the airline.

We're passionate about creating the best experience for you and we hope you will join us on our journey to being the ultimate virtual airline. So what are you waiting for? Go. There's nothing stopping you.

Pilot Perks

Features for you to enjoy!


We've managed to record almost all AirTran flights and we're letting you recreate them in the virtual world.


We've partnered with some flight simulation companies and stores to offer you some discounts on their products!


We value being connected with your fellow pilots. Discord is perfect community platform for group flights or just passing the time in cruise.


With an easy to use interface and robust tracker, smartCARS will track all your progress with AirTran Virtual Airways with ease.

Up to Date

We're always looking for the newest and best solutions for the best virtual airline experience we can offer you.

No Pressure

There's no pressure to meet any hour quotas or minimum participation to stay as a member of AirTran Virtual Airways.

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