AirTran Virtual features an accurate fleet from the reign of AirTran Airways, which includes the iconic AirTran Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 717-200.

Fleet data sourced with many thanks from Fleet statistics and images (with permission from original authors) sourced from

Photo by Yu Cai, used with permission from original photographer.

Cruising speed: 504 mph (438 knots)

Range: 1582.3 miles (1375 nm)

Passengers: 106 persons

The Boeing 717 is the iconic symbol of the AirTran Airways brand. Being the launch customer of the Boeing 717, AirTran Airways had the first Boeing 717 in production as well as the very last Boeing 717 in production. This aircraft is mainly used for shorter routes and is the workhorse of the airline.

Photo by Juan Carlos Guerra, used with permission from original photographer.

Cruising speed: 602.3 mph (523.4 knots)

Range: 1772.2 miles (1540 nm)

Passengers: 126 persons

The Boeing 737-700 is an aircraft to give AirTran customers more range and comfort. Carrying more passengers in a larger cabin, a faster cruise speed and better endurance proves the Boeing 737-700 to be highly capable of longer routes in the AirTran Airways schedules.